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Welcome to a site that focuses on “great quotes”. As the writers or bloggers of this site, we can assure you that you will get reading materials of diverse tastes here.

If you are “quotes” loving person and want some inspirational and motivational quotes (messages and images both) for someone you care (including yourself), then certainly you can have a look at our “quotes” section.

In our “wishes” section you will get wish messages to send and share during different events, celebrations and festivals.

You will get posts on various topics related to the health of the body and mind. These may be spanning from weightloss (with herbal ways and yogas) to a good music guide.

We hope you will like our effort and our posts. Pray for us and stay with this site so that we can come up with fresh content with great quality on a regular basis.

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NIT Grad & IT prof. Writes and teaches HS physics. A motivational speaker and an active blogger with multiple niches. With lots of stories to tell.

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