Top Physics Tutorials on Light (refraction, RI, dispersion, etc)

If you like to study Physics fundamentals or if you are a science student with physics as a core paper, then one basic chapter must have impressed you. yes, it’s ‘Light’.

There are reasons behind this likings because many physical phenomena like reflection, refraction, dispersion, scattering, or total internal reflection become evident to us through our everyday experiences.

When we enjoy a rainbow, when we see a spoon apparently bent when we partially immerse it in a water container, a mirage in deserts, twinkling stars in the night sky, sparkles of a diamond — all are related to this fascinating chapter of physics.

Here I would present you a link pointing to an article that lists some fascinating coverage of physics fundamentals related to LIGHT.
You are suggested to go through the topics listed on that page to know more about Light physics.

Here goes the link of that listicle page:

Hope you will like those tutorials. Happy reading.

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