Pulley in Physics — pulley tension problems with a solution (from PhysicsTeacher.in)

Here in this tutorial, we will study a few pulley systems to find out how to solve pulley tension problems as well. Pulley in Physics is one of the most interesting topics in mechanics. Once you understand the application of Newton’s laws in pulley systems, it may become one of the most favorite topics for you. Pulleys are found on sailboats, on the end of cranes and even in the weight room of a workout gym. Ideal pulleys are considered to be mass-less and frictionless.

How to solve Pulley Tension Problems — setup 1

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we have 2nd problem below.

How to solve Pulley Tension Problems — setup 2

Question: This one is a modified version of problem#1. Here in the common setup (similar one shown in Figure 1), the hanging cylinder of mass m is released from rest. But here we have friction to consider.

Pulley in physics — Solution with FBD

For the complete solution [Read More with detailed solution]

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