Physics Numericals, Numerical Problems & Important Questions for high school

Numericals or Numerical Problems in Physics is one of the most challenging pillars of high school physics studies. To understand a topic in High School Physics we must solve some numerical, otherwise, we can’t say that the concept is clear enough.

We understand the importance of solving problems confidently. Hence along with regular online Physics tutorials, we have been also posting numerical problem sets.

These papers cover different topics and chapters. We will be putting such links in a single place (on this page). Please watch this place for the same.

Physics Numericals, Numerical Problems, and Important Questions

Numericals — Links to the problem sets

The first link below consists of more than 100 numerical problems from important chapters of class 9 syllabus of multiple boards. It is equally good and useful for high school students and candidates appearing for different competitive examinations (UPSC etc) with physics in the syllabus.
here goes the link for you.

Link: Physics problems with solutions for class 9 (CBSE /ICSE / State) -part 1

Selected problems covering the fundamentals of Newton’s laws of motion and Force concepts. Very useful for students and job aspiring candidates.

Link: Force and Laws of Motion Class 9 numericals

Selected problems covering the fundamentals of Simple Pendulum concepts. Very useful for students and job aspiring candidates.
link: Simple Pendulum — problems and solution (class 9)

Selected problems on
Ohm’s Law.
Try these to check your understanding.
Link: Ohm’s law problems

Try your concepts on the pseudo force.

Link: Physics problems with pseudo force and solutions — inclined plane/wedge

class 11 syllabus — covering Vertical motion. Try these to check your fundamentals.
Link: Vertical Motion — Numericals with the solution for JEE, NEET, AP Physics, WBJEE

class 11 NCERT — Laws of motion (selected numericals)

Link: Class 11 NCERT- Chapter 5 — LAWS OF MOTION part 1

Understand the pulley fundamentals by solving problems
Link: Pulley Tension problems

More sets of physics numericals

2 Challenging Sets of Physics Problems and Questions

79 problems and questions (7 sets of Q bank)

The solution to Problem set 1 (on Variation of acceleration due to gravity)

Newton’s laws and their application to solving problems of ‘blocks in contact’


Physics formula required to solve numerical problems

Elevator physics with pseudo force

Elevator motion formula sets

Mechanical Advantage Formula — Mechanical Advantage of a Lever

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