Physics Lever — interesting posts

Lever and its mechanism are one of the most interesting topics of school physics. Here I am posting a few useful links you should follow to have a nice read about the lever.

Scissors & Shears: We have used scissors for different works. Now, do you know what difference scissors have with almost similar looking “shears” and why? Both are of the same class of lever, still, they are used in different types of activities.
Just read this topic on scissors & shears and their Mechanical advantages

Our Body Levers part 1 — Standing on toes: When we stand on our toes do you know we take the help of a lever provided by our own body. Just read this to know how is that possible: Our body Lever when we stand on our toes

Our Body Levers part 2 — Nodding our head: Another body lever helps us to nod our head. Interesting — right? Know more in detail.Our body lever when we nod our head

Numerical Problems on Lever based on MA and VR — Numerical problems on Lever operation

Hope you will find the write-ups helpful and share those with your friends and students.

NIT Grad & IT prof. Writes and teaches HS physics. A motivational speaker and an active blogger with multiple niches. With lots of stories to tell.

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