Numerical problems on Refractive Index (Physics -light chapter)

The Refractive index of a medium is an important topic of optics or the Light chapter of physics. Solving the numerical problems from this chapter is also a must if we want a good grasp on chapters like the Refraction of light.

We use a number of formulas to solve these problems related to RI or ARI (Absolute Refractive Index).

Here I am going to provide you some important links or URLs that will take you to online tutorials on RI and Numericals on RI.

I believe these articles or posts are going to benefit you if you are serious to learn.

Now here are the links:

Numerical Problems on Refractive Index ( Light chapter-physics)

Refractive Index — Concepts & formula (read this before solving the numerical)

Refractive Index table (RI values of some common materials)

As you read all these tutorials, please share the links with others as well. Wish you HAPPY READING.

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