Leadership Quotes and Action Quotes

leadership quotes

I am a “quotes” lover. Like most of us, I also go through the ups and downs of life. From my education days to my professional days I have seen many downs and from there with the grace of almighty again I came back to the path of life.

Sometimes my inner strength and my faith in “him” helped me. Sometimes the biographies of Greats have shown me the path. Swami Vivekananda and his sayings have helped me to find answers to many of my quests at my younger age.

So when I started my new blog I decided to add a section on quotes — quotes not only from greats but also from common people like us who have seen life to some extent and can share the lessons learned.

Off late I added a few articles based on quotes and their explanations. Here I would like to add 2 such links, one talks of “Do it now or take action quotes” and the other one covers the fundamental traits of good leadership.

I am adding the links here. I hope you will read those and let me have your feedback (I want your inspiration to add more) to the email id I added there in my site (about us section).

Leadership Quotes

Action Quotes

Thank you.

NIT Grad & IT prof. Writes and teaches HS physics. A motivational speaker and an active blogger with multiple niches. With lots of stories to tell.

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