IGCSE physics force and motion worksheet — Best numerical problems

Here you will get 2 sets of IGCSE physics force and motion worksheet with numerical problems with solution. You will get ample scope to test your understanding of motion equations and force concepts.

The solutions of worksheet set 1 are given on this page itself. And the solution of set 2 numerical worksheet is linked with the individual problem of set 2.

IGCSE physics force and motion worksheet | IGCSE physics numerical-set 1

1) Force of 1000 Newton is applied on a 25 kg mass for 5 seconds. What would be its velocity?

2) A force is applied to a mass of 16 kg for 3 seconds. As the force is removed the mass moves 81 meters in 3 seconds. What was the value of the force applied?

3) A mass of 50 kg was moving with a velocity of 400 m/s. A force of 40000 N is applied to the mass and its velocity is reduced to 50 m/s after some time. What is the distance traveled by the mass during this period?
4) A ball of 150 g mass moves with 12 m/s and bounces back after hitting a wall with 20 m/s after a small duration of 0.01 second. What was the force applied to the ball when it hits the wall?

5) Momentum of an object changes from 100 kg m/s to 200 kg m/s in 2 seconds. What is the force applied to it?

— — more problems — -link below

solutions for set 1 — IGCSE physics worksheet solved

check the main site for worksheets and solutions: link here

Physics Worksheet 2 | Force & motion Assignments IGCSE — Set 2

11) A force acts for 10 s on a stationary body of mass 100 kg after which the force ceases to act. The body moves through a distance of 100 m in the next 5 s. Calculate (i) the velocity acquired by the body, (ii) the acceleration produced by the force, and (iii) the magnitude of the force.

[get more numerical problems and solution: check the link below]

IGCSE physics force and motion worksheet with numerical problems | with solution

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