Ajwain or carom: My weight loss experience with Ajowan

Ajwain or carom fruits (seed-like) and its — This is one spice without which an Indian kitchen probably is incomplete. This is a well-known fact that it enhances the taste of food. But it has other important qualities as well to keep ourselves healthy. Here, I’ll share my experience with Ajwain and how I tried it to solve a few health problems I was facing. Over the internet, I found a few articles listing the ajwain benefits. But here I’ll discuss only those points I tried myself, the first one being the ajwain water for weight loss.

Ajwain for weight loss

Lets find out if this spice really helps with weight loss and how to consume this spice to get this weight loss benefit.

Is ajwain water good for weight loss

Truly speaking most of us who are not physically too active has some level of fat gathering tenacity.

Especially people like me who are mostly in front of their PC or laptops.

Even if we do (or try to do) some kind of exercise, the bulge at our tummies can’t be hidden. And I believe that removing this specific bulge by just doing some light or common exercises are quite difficult. (considering we are not in hectic reps. and sets of gyms)

I came across some herbal practitioners who suggest Ajwain for weight loss. As per these persons, weight loss can be expedited with the help of a drink.

Ajwain in English

If the word Ajowan is not familiar to you then you don’t need to worry. It’s known as Carom Seed in English.

How to prepare ajwain water for weight loss

Here I will discuss how I prepared and tried this to get ajwain water benefits myself.

a) What I need first is just a packet of Ajwain (a good brand for better quality) that I buy from the market. This is the same spice used in my household kitchen.

b ) Before going to sleep at night, [

Ajwain benefits in weight loss

This spice is said to have one of the most crucial health benefits because it keeps our stomach strong.

Nothing disturbs our daily schedule and normal activities more than an upset stomach. The active enzymes in it are said to boost our digestive functions by facilitating the release of gastric juices.

As per an informative report, if we eat this spice then it helps us in improving our bowel [Read More……]

Conclusion | Ajwain benefits for weight loss

Here I have discussed ajwain benefits for weight loss and how I tried this common spice in my weight loss venture. The result is evident for me and I am continuing with it. I am finding some other benefits as well which I would like to discuss [Read More……]
[Warning: I shared my experience with Ajwain here. Please consult your doctor to check if this is safe for you to avoid any side effects if you want to use it]
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Ajwain or carom: My weight loss experience with Ajwain water

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