Here you will get 2 sets of IGCSE physics force and motion worksheet with numerical problems with solution. You will get ample scope to test your understanding of motion equations and force concepts.

The solutions of worksheet set 1 are given on this page itself. And the solution of set 2 numerical worksheet is linked with the individual problem of set 2.

IGCSE physics force and motion worksheet | IGCSE physics numerical-set 1

1) Force of 1000 Newton is applied on a 25 kg mass for 5 seconds. What would be its velocity?

2) A force is applied to a mass of 16 kg for 3 seconds. As the force is…

Gustav Kirchhoff, an eminent German physicist is the person behind Kirchhoff’s first law dealing with electric current. This law is also known as Kirchhoff’s Current Law or KCL. The KCL states that, for any point or node in an electrical circuit, the sum of currents into that point is equal to the sum of currents out of that point.

State Kirchhoff’s first law or KCL | Explain Kirchhoff’s first law with a diagram

Kirchhoff’s first law or current law (KCL) states that, for any point in an electrical circuit, the sum of currents into that point is equal to the sum of currents out of that point.

The diagram above will help to understand…

Derivation of the Equations of Motion: To calculate quantities involving motion in a straight line at a constant acceleration we need four equations. These equations are often informally referred to as the ‘suvat equations’ after the symbols used for the 5 quantities involved.

We will derive equations for the following 5 motion quantities: displacement (s), initial velocity (u), final velocity (v), acceleration (a), and time (t). Before going for the derivation, we will draw a velocity-time graph in the next section.

Velocity time graph required to derive the motion equations

This velocity-time graph depicts a motion of a body in a straight line at a constant acceleration a. It…

The Refractive index of a medium is an important topic of optics or the Light chapter of physics. Solving the numerical problems from this chapter is also a must if we want a good grasp on chapters like the Refraction of light.

We use a number of formulas to solve these problems related to RI or ARI (Absolute Refractive Index).

Here I am going to provide you some important links or URLs that will take you to online tutorials on RI and Numericals on RI.

I believe these articles or posts are going to benefit you if you are serious…

For high school students with science, the chapter on ‘Gravitation and gravitational force’ is quite interesting because it talks of that force that is working between any 2 objects in existence. As we find ourselves standing on the land of this planet it’s because of this force.

Here are a few links where you will find interesting coverage in this chapter.

Numerical problems on gravitational force

The relation between g and G

Why a stone falls towards the earth and not the vice versa

Universal Law of Gravitation by Newton

Here we will work on the derivation of the Terminal Velocity equation or formula using Stokes’ Law.

Derivation of Terminal Velocity Equation

When an object is falling through a fluid, in that case, if we want to analyze its motion (and find out its acceleration, if any) then we need to consider the weight of the object, the upthrust on the object applied by the displaced volume of the fluid, and the viscous drag force caused by the movement of the object in the fluid.

Usually, we consider the equilibrium situation, in which the weight of the object exactly balances…

Fear of uncertainty and nervousness about the future are two dangerous enemies our mind face every now and then. Fear about exams chase us from our childhood.

When we grow up enough to take up a job then comes fear and uncertainty to land up with a decent job, and even if we get one job we can’t become relaxed as every moment there will be tracking of our performance and we have to run a rat race to sustain our jobs.

Workplace politics, relationship problems, career, health, children, and even our parents — they all can make us restless…

If you like to study Physics fundamentals or if you are a science student with physics as a core paper, then one basic chapter must have impressed you. yes, it’s ‘Light’.

There are reasons behind this likings because many physical phenomena like reflection, refraction, dispersion, scattering, or total internal reflection become evident to us through our everyday experiences.

When we enjoy a rainbow, when we see a spoon apparently bent when we partially immerse it in a water container, a mirage in deserts, twinkling stars in the night sky, sparkles of a diamond — all are related to this fascinating…

Banking Angle — what is the banking angle and why is it important?

When a car travels without skidding around an unbanked curve, the static frictional force between the tires and the road provides the centripetal force. But the wear and tear of tires caused by this friction increases the maintenance cost of the vehicles and increases the risk of sudden accidents at the curved points of the roads.

However, if the curve of a road is banked at an angle relative to the horizontal, much in the same way that a plane is banked while making a turn, the…

Lever and its mechanism are one of the most interesting topics of school physics. Here I am posting a few useful links you should follow to have a nice read about the lever.

Scissors & Shears: We have used scissors for different works. Now, do you know what difference scissors have with almost similar looking “shears” and why? Both are of the same class of lever, still, they are used in different types of activities.
Just read this topic on scissors & shears and their Mechanical advantages

Our Body Levers part 1 — Standing on toes: When we stand on…


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